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Blocked Account Funds

How to access Blocked Account funds after arriving in Germany?

Congratulations!!! You have got your German visa and arrived in Germany. Now you must be thinking how to receive monthly payment from your Blocked Account. With DROP MONEY Blocked Account, the process is very simple and we will not trap you with excuses and false regulatory concerns. Just follow these steps and you have access to your funds -

Login to your personal dashboard in DROP MONEY

and update your Visa status and Travel details.Remember to upload a copy of your boarding pass, the immigration entry stamp on your passport and update the details

You will receive an email to update your European IBAN details

that’s is your local bank account details. It can be any local German bank or any other bank details situated with European Union countries, including any European Digital Bank like Revolut. UK Bank details (IBAN starting with GB) are not accepted, even if that is a Euro Currency account. If you wish you can open account with our Current Account Partner Revolut by visiting https://drop-money.de/revolut and click on “Apply Here" button. Once you have updated the details, it will take maximum 48 hrs for our banking partner to verify the details. Once verified, your current account is ready to receive payments from your Blocked Account

We process all pay-outs on the 5th day of every month.

If it falls in weekend or bank holidays then the payment will be processed on the next working day. Those who have just arrived in Germany, to receive the payment on the first month, you must update your bank details within 15th day of the month, else your first payment will be processed on the 5th day of the next month


N.B - Please remember to update your arrival details and bank details in your dashboard in time to start receiving regular payments from your Blocked Account