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At DROP MONEY it is our continuous effort to bring best of the services on board to enable our customers with best-in-class services at their fingertips. In one more such efforts we are happy to on board BARMER Public Health Insurance with DROP MONEY Block Accounts.

Health is a precious commodity. Preventive health care and the best available treatment in the event of sickness are essential for one ‘s quality of life. That’s why it‘s important to us that you stay healthy. Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. German hospitals and doctors offer you the highest quality of care available. And as a patient, you can choose which doctor or therapist you want to be treated by. In Germany, health insurance, long-term care insurance, accident insurance, pension insurance and unemployment insurance are compulsory. About 9 million people place their trust in BARMER. And there are plenty of good reasons for you to be one of them!

Sick pay

BARMER is there for you when you ‘re in employment and unable to work for an extended period of time. We pay you sick pay from the 6th week of a longer-term illness or incapacity to work.


Healthy teeth are priceless. BARMER assumes the costs for dental treatment and check-ups – without time limit and in accordance with the statutory provisions and schedule of nonstatutory benefits.

Free choice of doctor and hospital

In the event of illness, BARMER policy holders can choose freely between all registered medical practitioners and hospitals

Free family insurance cover

With BARMER, you pay a single premium – no matter how big your family is. This means that your spouse or partner and your children are fully insured too.

Electronic health insurance card

The electronic health insurance card gives you fast access to the best treatment and healthcare wherever you happen to be in Europe. It doesn’t matter whether you need to see a general practitioner, dentist or get treatment in hospital. The costs are settled automatically simply by presenting your card, making the whole process significantly more convenient for you.


You can get the” pill “free of charge until your 22nd birthday (the statutory supplement is payable from your 18th birthday).

Getting a second opinion

If you have a special disease or are in need of an operation, we support you in getting a second opinion by arranging an appointment with a specialist or another top doctor via our waiting time management service.

Preventive care

As a special extra benefit, you can take advantage of our Skin Check free of charge every two years.

Medical information

The BARMER Teledoktor (Teledoctor) is on call around the clock to answer any questions you may have on medications or treatments – call free of charge on 0800 3333 500.

More info:www.barmer.de/teledoktor