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At DROP MONEY, we are aiming to be the best in what we do in association of the best of the other world, that's why we bring an exclusive tie-up with the best in Digital Current Account, REVOLUT to provide class leading Current Account Solution and for those who demand more, the Premium Digital Current Account Experience, those who wants to know more about Revolut -


You Finance & Remittance Super-App

  • Revolut is the #1 FinTech app in Europe, trusted by more than 14 million retail users and 500,000 businesses globally
  • Two pillars underpin all its strategic initiatives
    • Delivering a single global platform to serve all the financial needs of the modern consumer
    • Leveraging on technology to provide the best customer experience, value and industry leading security

What is Revolut?

  • Launched in July 2015
  • 14M retail users and c.600k businesses
  • Operations in 35+ countries
  • 2,300+ employees

Revolut Plans at a glimpse

€2.99/m €6.99/m €12.99/m
Free UK account & EUR IBAN account 
No fee ATM withdrawals  €200/m limit €400/m limit  €800/m limit
Customisable cards  x
Range of exclusive card designs  x  x
Exclusive Revolut Metal card   x  x
Cashback on card payments  x
Free card delivery x  Free express delivery!  Standard delivery Free express delivery! Free express delivery!
Revolut Junior accounts 2 kids  2 kids  5 kids
Purchase protection €1000/y limit  €2500/y limit  €10000/y limit
Ticket protection
Return protection
Unlimited disposable virtual cards  x
Discounted device insurance   x
Cryptocurrencies exchange markup  2.50% Only 1.5% Only 1.5%
Commodities exchange markup  1.50% Only 0.25% Only 0.25%
No fee currency exchange   €1000/m limit Unlimited! Unlimited!
Overseas medical insurance  x
Delayed baggage and flight insurance  x
Free lounge access with SmartDelay  x You + 1 friend! You + 3 friends!
Car hire excess  x  x

Want to have a Revolut Account?

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